Bamboo Travel Insurance


“More than just a flight”, Bamboo Airways always wants to bring passengers the most perfect experience with quality service and comfortable psychology, peace of mind during the trip. 

BambooCARE is a comprehensive Travel Insurance product offered by PVI Insurance Corporation for passengers of Bamboo Airways during the journey, which includes domestic and international flights departing from Vietnam (applicable for both one-way and round-trip sectors). BambooCARE can be included in your flight ticket or added later. 




With BambooCARE Travel Insurance, passengers can enjoy their travel without worrying about insurance benefits, including: 

  • Medical expenses due to Accident/Sickness (International Roundtrip includes Epidemic Cover)  
  • Personal Accident Benefits up to VND 1 billion  
  • Non-refundable flight costs in case of emergency 
  • Insurance for inconveniences during the trip (Delay/Trip Cancellation, Trip Shorten, Lost/ Damaged Baggage and Equipment, Missed connection, Loss of travel documents)  
  • For medical expenses and emergency medical transportation (for Round trip plan): The passengers of BambooCARE Travel Insurance will be received a global support network comprised of a team of medical experts who can assist by providing you a referral service if you become sick or injured. 

⇒ Refer to Insurance Benefits and Wording as details



We respect the importance of providing fair and transparent pricing for our BambooCARE travel insurance service. We want you to understand the factors that influence our pricing policy so that you can make informed decisions about the scope of your insurance coverage. 

- Better pricing when booking services in advance: We recommend that customers plan and purchase travel insurance well in advance of their trip. This not only provides peace of mind but also results in significant cost savings. 

- Voluntary last-minute changes or changes in travel duration: Making changes to your travel insurance or modifying the length of your trip close to the departure date can lead to higher premiums. 

We believe that understanding the pricing policy of this product will help you plan your trip and purchase insurance more efficiently. It ensures that you receive the best value for your travel insurance, with coverage tailored to your needs. 



BambooCARE Insurance can only be applied on Domestic flights (Valid for both one-way and round-trip flights). 

For example: 

Domestic: From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City 

Contact us for more information on BambooCARE insurance travel policies, emergency medical services and assistance and claims service. 

» Insurance related assistance 

Call center: 024 3388 2088 


⇒ Passengers can download the Claim Form here: