Bamboo Airways appointed Deputy General Director of Restructuring

Bamboo Airways has appointed Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai as Deputy General Director effective November 1, 2023. 

Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Southern University in the USA. He has accumulated 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, during which he has held various senior leadership roles at Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam Airlines Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, etc.  

As part of the comprehensive restructuring process being continuously promoted by the airline, the appointment of Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai as Bamboo Airways' Deputy General Director responsible for restructuring is a significant step towards reorganizing the management and operations apparatus. 

Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai speaking at the event 

During the event, Mr. Luong Hoai Nam, the General Director of Bamboo Airways, expressed his confidence that the newly appointed Deputy General Director will play a crucial role in expediting the completion of Bamboo Airways' restructuring project in the near future. Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai is expected to leverage his advantages, capabilities, and experience to focus on swiftly reorganizing and streamlining the airline's operations and overseeing the restructuring process comprehensively. This will help the entire system to operate more smoothly and efficiently.  

In response, Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai has pledged to devote all his enthusiasm and capacities to help Bamboo Airways overcome the immediate challenges and quickly regain its growth trajectory. 

Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai (middle) received the Appointment Resolution from Mr. Phan Dinh Tue – Executive Deputy Chairman of Bamboo Airways (right), and Mr. Luong Hoai Nam - General Director of Bamboo Airways (left). 

"Difficulties are an inevitable part of the business development process. Each individual and every stage of development will have its own set of challenges to overcome. The most important thing is maintaining perspective and belief. I believe that challenges can be a driving force to encourage businesses to constantly move towards a healthier, more resilient, and more sustainable state. With the belief and spirit that I am witnessing at Bamboo Airways, I have complete confidence that our restructuring efforts will be a resounding success.", said Mr. Nguyen Thuong Hoang Hai.  

Bamboo Airways is stabilizing its operations, attracting high-quality investment resources, and creating opportunities for short- and medium-term growth. The company is determined to maintain operations while ensuring absolute safety, security, and top-notch service quality. Additionally, Bamboo Airways strives to improve its operational efficiency, enhance competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development.  

The airline has recently implemented a new business strategy, which prioritizes trunk routes that connect major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang, as well as popular local and leisure routes. The airline plans to revamp its fleet by incorporating narrow-body aircraft and regional jets to achieve this goal.